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Literacy Week/World Book Day (updated 22/2/17) NEW!
Our literacy week is coming up and our overall aim is to create a whole school children's book for the nursery. We also have lots of exciting activities for the children planned. On Monday and Wednesday at 2.40pm we have invited parents of P1-3 children in to share a book with their child, and Debbie from the Library will be providing workshops throughout the week. Nursery and P1 have a joint 'Getting Ready to Read' workshop on Tuesday 28th Feb at 9.15pm and parents are invited to attend. On Thursday 2nd March it is World Book Day, and children are invited to dress as their favourite book character. Please don't rush out to buy costumes - some items from around the house can make a fantastic costume!

Comic Relief (added 8/2/17) NEW!
We will be fundraising for Comic Relief on Friday 24th March this year. Our charities committee are in the process of organising this so please sit tight for more information coming soon!

Playtime Snacks (added 8/2/17) NEW!
It has become apparent to us that some children are bringing in excessive amounts of sugary snacks and fizzy juice for their playtime snacks. These can have a physical effect on children which has a negative impact on their learning. So, in line with work on Health and Wellbeing, we encourage the children to bring one healthy snack for playtime, such as a piece of fruit or yogurt, and a small drink. They have access to cool drinking water throughout the day. Thank you for your support.

Spittal Castle Nurture Group (added 8/2/17) NEW!
We have been very fortunate to recieve a grant from Clyde Gateway to help set up our own nurture room. We have been able to get staff trainig on this and many resources for the room. A small group of chidlren are now attending our nurture room which they have decided to call Spittal Castle. The chidlren will be working with Mr Miller and Mrs Wright every morning on a variety of activities and have been very excited about sharing their news.

Severe Weather Arrangements (added 15/01/17) NEW!
In the event of ice or snow, two paths will be cleared for entry and exit from the school, from the car park to the main office and to the dining hall. If the playground is particularly icy, children may be required to enter or leave from here at the beginning and end of the school day.

Hot Chocolate Homework Club (added 15/01/17) NEW!
Our weekly homework club will begin again on Monday 16th January at 3pm. Come along with an adult to complete your homework with the assistance of teachers, as well as a hot chocolate and biscuit incentive when you are finished! The club runs for an hour and is held in the dinner hall in a relaxed and informal manner.

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