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Aims, Objectives & Values

Spittal Primary School is situated in Rutherglen, within South Lanarkshire Council in Scotland. The school has seven classrooms, a gym hall, dining hall and several break out areas to enhance learning and teaching, alongside our playground, school garden and a pitch. Our nursery class is attached, and consists of a playroom and their very own nursery garden. We enjoy working together to ensure all our children are safe, happy and learning, using our school rules:

  • Always follow instructions.
  • Always be kind and respectful.
  • Always try your best.

"Thank you for visiting our school website. We primarily communicate via the School App which show the school, pupils and staff happy at work. We welcome feedback on our website, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with any feedback, comments or suggestions."

Joyce Paterson
Head Teacher

Here at Spittal Primary, we aim to make sure everyone is safe, happy and learning. 

We value:

S - supporting all learners to reach their full potential

P - preparing for lifelong learning

I - including everyone in all we do

T - trusting and being trusted

T - teaching a curriculum for the 21st century

A - aiming high to achieve success

L - learning to live, living to learn

Find all the latest news about Spittal Primary on our School App. Download by searching 'School App for Parents' in the Google Play or Apple App Store or scanning the QR code below:

Search for Spittal Primary and then contact the school office for our login details.
Our school colours are light blue, royal blue and grey.

Children can wear any of the following uniform:
  • White shirt with Spittal school tie
  • White or light blue polo shirt
  • Royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan
  • Grey school skirt
  • Grey pinafore
  • Blue and white checked summer dress
  • Grey shorts/trousers
  • Black school shoes
School uniform items are available at Schoolwear Made Easy, which you can access by clicking here. Select 'Badged School Uniform' then choose Spittal.

Please note that unbranded items with no school logos available from supermarkets and other high street stores are also a great alternative, as long as they are in the correct school colours.

Children also require suitable indoor shoes such as plimsoles or plain black trainers, for moving around the school and PE.

PE Kit:
  • Shorts
  • T-shirt/polo shirt
  • Gym shoes (which could be your child's indoor shoes, if they are appropriate for running around in)
Please remember to put your child's name on all pieces of uniform, to ensure we can return these to you if they are misplaced.

If you require any support with accessing uniform, please email or phone the school and we will do what we can to help. If you would like to donate any school uniform your children have outgrown, please hand this in to the office and we will recycle this for future families requiring this. Thank you for your support!

Headteacher                       Mrs Joyce Paterson
Principal Teacher               Miss Sarah Thomson

P1           Miss Rachael Dowling
P1/2        Miss Chelsea Dornan/Mrs Jackie White
P2/3        Mrs Heather Houston/Miss Hazel Rennie
P4           Mr Neil Houston
P5           Miss Amanda Carroll
P6/7        Miss Samantha Gould
P7           Miss Joanna Cuthbert
CCC       Miss Gillian Elliott/Mrs Heather Houston

Office Team Leader     Mrs Elizabeth Loughrie
Office Support Staff    Mrs Phil Dolan

Support Assistant       Mrs Audrey Wright 
Support Assistant       Mrs Christine McAllister
Support Assistant       Mrs Musrat Hussain 
Support Assistant       Ms Wendy Whiteside
Support Assistant       Miss Suzanne Johnston

Janitor                             Mrs Teresa Glencross
Cleaners                          Mrs Margaret Martin
                                         Mrs Lindsay McCann
                                         Mrs Doris Odunukan

Cook in Charge               Mrs Angela Hunter
Kitchen Staff                   Miss Claire Melrose
                                         Mrs Caroline Curran

Spittal Nursery Class

Nursery Team Leader     Ms Leigh O'Kane

Early Years Worker         Miss Hayley Cameron
Early Years Worker         Miss Vicky Allan
Early Years Worker         Mrs Sophie Burke
Early Years Worker         Mrs Vicki Campbell
Early Years Worker         Mrs Jackie Harrison
Early Years Worker         Miss Katie McKenna
Early Years Worker         Mrs Donna Newall

About Us

Spittal nursery strives to provide a safe, nurturing environment for our early learners to develop and grow. Through the variety of different play experiences offered, children learn and develop social skills, early literacy and early numeracy skills while having fun with friends both in and outdoors on a daily basis.
Our staff are welcoming and approachable, and are available for daily contact with parents and carers during our morning drop off and afternoon collection.

Learning Journals

At Spittal Nursery, we use Learning Journals to share information about your child's day, post photos of their experiences and to provide a place where you can contact your child's keyworker. We will also send out any messages or important information using these. Make sure you speak to a member of our team when your child enrols, so we can help you access this.

Useful Links

We'd love to hear from you! Please get in touch in the following ways:

Phone: 0141 634 5861

Email: office@spittal-pri.s-lanark.sch.uk

Twitter: @spittalprimary

Facebook: Friends of Spittal

Download our School App! Search for 'School App for Parents' in your app store, select Spittal Primary then contact the office for login details.

Address: Lochlea Road, Spittal, Rutherglen, G73 4QJ